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Archive of all Center for Healthy Minds Studies

Two people holding hands by MichaelJay via iStockPhoto
Changing Your Brain and Generosity through Compassion Meditation Training

Center researchers investigated whether compassion – the feeling of caring for and wanting to help others who are suffering – could be cultivated through meditation training using an online intervention.

Photo of reflection of person in puddle by micaelnuss via iStock
Cognitive Processing and Rumination

Researchers at the Center studied how people who ruminate respond differently to stresses and how this might impact mental health and well-being.

Closeup of illuminated water droplet by Jason Devaun via Flickr
Exploring Positive Qualities of Attention

Mindfulness shows promise for improving health, but unbiased tests, led by Center researchers, are needed.

African American Mother Holding Baby To Demonstrate The Importance Of Healthy Infant Mother Relationships
Investigating the Effects of Mindfulness-Based Training on Mother and Infant Brain Development

How does Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) impact the brains of infants and their mothers?

Adults lead Kindness Curriculum breathing exercise
Kindness Curriculum Study with Pre-Kindergarten Students

Center researchers are evaluating a mindfulness-based Kindness Curriculum in promoting attention, emotion regulation and pro-social behavior in children.

Photo of adult and child holding hands by pixelheadphoto via iStock
Mindfulness-Based Parenting Program

Center experts are researching the impact of a mindful parenting program to help address stressors and demands of parenting as well as promote positive and supportive parent-child interactions.

Photo of photographer reflection on metal by David Goehring via Flickr
Self-Concept and Well-Being

Center researchers are examining how flexibility in self-image influences well-being and pro-social behavior.

Military boots moving by ChrisSuperseal via iStockPhoto
Veteran Wellness Study

Center researchers are exploring how to improve the lives of veterans by expanding the range of treatments available for PTSD and learning more about the brain mechanisms involved in PTSD and its treatment.